This contract reflects the verbal agreement. It shall include the terms agreed prior to its issue. It shall be deemed un-accepted unless the booking form or reservation fee is received by FOREST FLAME WITHIN 7 WORKING DAYS OF THE ISSUING DATE. (Please note; your payment of the booking fee implies your acceptance of these conditions) No alterations shall be made to this contract by CUSTOMER /CRISIS COVER ENTERTAINER without prior approval from FOREST FLAME. Please note; by completing and sending this booking form, you agree that you are making a confirmed booking and entering into a contract which carries your acceptance, in full, of the booking terms.

You agree to our reservation fee which is payable in advance to secure entertainment. The reservation fee is deducted from the price quoted.

The CUSTOMER will notify FOREST FLAME that all appropriate licenses as required by law are in force at the time of the performance(s). FOREST FLAME will not be held legally responsible for any breaches of law committed by the CUSTOMER.

The CUSTOMER will appreciate that suitable time for venue access, safe installation and dismantling and removal of equipment from venue is required in addition to performance time. Therefore, the CUSTOMER and venue will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling and removal of disco equipment (up to 60 minutes each side of booking times unless stated). Please note FOREST FLAME shall not be liable for any additional charges levied to the CUSTOMER by the venue in relation to equipment assembly/removal timescales.

The CUSTOMER will inform FOREST FLAME prior to performance date confirmation of venue sound limiter installation. Please note; FOREST FLAME reserve the right to decline entertainment at venues with sound limiter installed. Where we are hiring equipment to YOU; it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep volume levels under that specified by venue. If YOU are hiring equipment FOREST FLAME cannot be held liable if volume levels bring about power shut-downs due to Sound limiters.

Any extension to the agreed timescale will be charged in addition to the booking fee per hour (or part hour) thereafter, which shall be payable in advance before commencement of extended entertainment. FOREST FLAME may choose to accept or decline requests for overtime.

The balance of account must be received and cleared prior to FOREST FLAME setting up equipment. Cheques payable to DAVID PARRY should be received by us not less than 10 days before date of event.

The CUSTOMER shall have the right to cancel the booking by serving upon FOREST FLAME not less than 28 clear days in writing. In the event of the CUSTOMER wishing to cancel this contract agreement for any reason other than Act of God or National Disaster, any advance reservation payment will be forfeited.

A cancellation fee of not less than 50% of the agreed fee will be due if the cancellation is within fourteen days of the performance.

A cancellation fee of not less than 75% of the agreed fee will be due if the cancellation is within seven days of the performance.

The whole of the agreed fee will be due if the cancellation is within 24 hours of the performance.

In addition if we have prepared your playlist in advance these costs will be deducted from any refund to you if you cancel.

The CUSTOMER agrees to provide adequate supervision of guests and will ensure that venue management adequately supervises customers and or staff on site premises. Please note; where the function may include guests under the age of 16 years, the CUSTOMER (or parent) is responsible for the behaviour and safety of any minors attending the venue. The CUSTOMER will provide and maintain adequate adult supervision at all times. FOREST FLAME will not be liable for the supervision of minors.

Abuse from CUSTOMER’S guests, customers or venue management or staff will not be tolerated and will result in the performance being terminated and equipment removed with no loss to FOREST FLAME.

The CUSTOMER agrees that compensation for any loss of or damage to artist(e)s equipment, vehicle)s) or personal belongings caused by guests, customers and or staff may be sought including costs.

Force Majeure FOREST FLAME will not be liable for failing to attend a booking, where the reason for non-attendance or late arrival is caused by adverse weather conditions (including Snow and Flooding), road closure, road traffic accident, vehicle breakdown, fuel shortages, acts of terrorism, industrial action, or other unavoidable circumstances beyond our control.

START AND END TIMES The CUSTOMER agrees that the confirmed entertainment start and finish times as specified in the contract are accurate and correct. Any extension beyond the confirmed finish time is at the discretion of FOREST FLAME and the management of the venue.

MUSIC LISTS Where FOREST FLAME is supplying full disco we will accept music lists and requests in advance of functions and will endeavour to play a reasonable number of the CUSTOMER’s chosen requests, provided that such requests are submitted in writing before the event. The CUSTOMER also agrees that FOREST FLAME cannot guarantee the inclusion of any difficult to source, obsolete or deleted titles either requested at the event or previously notified, also that we may refuse to play songs we consider contain offensive content.

Where the CUSTOMER requests that FOREST FLAME set up equipment at an earlier time prior to the actual start of the function, the CUSTOMER acknowledges that a tiered charge may be made for this additional service, and that this service will be subject to availability. In addition to any previously agreed charges, if FOREST FLAME should arrive at the CUSTOMER’s venue at any earlier, pre-arranged time and are unable to access the venue to set up the equipment or are prevented from doing so by the venue management, then the CUSTOMER shall be charged standing time at the hourly rate discretion of FOREST FLAME which must be settled in full before commencement of main entertainment.

The CUSTOMER will ensure that safe and adequate power is available to FOREST FLAME.

Where the event is being held in a marquee, the CUSTOMER will ensure that the work area is dry and that a minimum of 2x 13A power sockets are located within 15 Metres of this area.

Bad weather or impending bad weather on the day will not allow FOREST FLAME to commence entertainment out-doors under any circumstances. FOREST FLAME accepts no responsibility for damage to electrical equipment if caused as a result of working in inappropriate weather conditions.

FOREST FLAME will not be liable for any refund, in part or whole, where ‘we’ are late accessing the venue and setting up purely because of earlier events over-running, or where ‘we’ are prevented from accessing, setting up or providing our professional services by the venue management. Neither will FOREST FLAME be obligated to provide an extension to the agreed timescale on a pro-rata basis in these circumstances.

Where FOREST FLAME is engaged to work alongside a band (or other entertainer) it is the CUSTOMER’s responsibility to ensure that adequate space exists within the venue for both entertainers to set up their equipment and that separate power outlets exist.

Where the venue does not have its own parking facilities, FOREST FLAME reserves the right to pass on any additional parking fees for refund by the CUSTOMER. Please note; that in accordance with Health and safety laws FOREST FLAME will refuse to work at venues where illegal or hazardous parking is required in order to unload vehicle. This also applies to general health and safety concerns within the venue such as navigating cluttered or unlit stairways and exits.

The CUSTOMER will ensure that safe and adequate power is available for artiste’s performance.

Where FOREST FLAME is supplying full disco, the CUSTOMER agrees to arrange suitable changing facilities for FOREST FLAME as required.

In the unlikely event that FOREST FLAME is unable to attend personally due to accident or sudden illness FOREST FLAME shall endeavour to provide a suitable substitute offering a similar service at no additional charge to the CUSTOMER.

We normally carry a range of spare bulbs and fuses for equipment. In the event of equipment breakdown we will do our best to provide suitable alternative equipment. In the event that equipment provided is of lower specification to that ordered, we will charge according to our current price list and refund accordingly.

Please note; IF WE ARE HIRING YOU EQUIPMENT YOU must provide us with a UK Photo driving licence or passport for the duration of the event. This will be returned to you on satisfactory collection of equipment at the end of the event. Any damage, loss or breakage will be charged for. FAILURE TO PROVIDE APPROPRIATE I.D MAY RESULT IN US TREATING THE EVENT AS A CANCELLATION OF THE BOOKING; in which case we will not leave equipment and NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

FOREST FLAME reserves the right to take photos and videos at its functions for future publicity purposes. If the CUSTOMER wishes that no such photos or videos be taken, please notify us at least one week before the event.

E. & O. E (means Errors and Omissions Excepted) In signing the contract, I agree that I have read the Terms and Conditions of hire and acknowledge booking details contained herein are correct.Signed CUSTOMER


Our equipment was PAT tested in July 2020. Please e mail us if you need the complete list


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Please note that from April 2022 Forest Flame Disco is no longer taking disco bookings but continues to hire sound and lighting equipment. Contact Nathan for a price